subtle body


“Salamát (thank you), for your class! You literally took it out of me, and had me in tears! It is in these moments; the breakthroughs/surrender, that I am most grateful for. It allows me to regain that compassion and have gentleness back in my heart. Inhale and Exhale. You know what it feels like to return to Love.” — Genevieve Torres Tiango

No matter what you’re experiencing in life right now, your Soul knows what’s right for you.  These practices assist you in a gentle opening of your heart, so you can trust yourself completely.  I believe that health, inner peace and purpose is spiritual in nature.  To live a balanced and conscious life, we must feel the difference between the conditioned habits of our personality and the enduring essence of our Soul.  These practices create inner-space awareness.  As you move into the your natural flow of energy, your true path is revealed to you.  The Soul needs space and time to express itself.  I enjoy supporting others on this journey.

Each practice is designed to refine your senses and strengthen your intuition.  My offerings teach the art of listening to what’s inside and how to radically welcome everything that emerges in your awareness.  You’ll recognize that everything in your life is a pointer, guiding you back home to your ever-present wholeness, well-being and vitality.






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